Always try to arrive 15 minutes before class.

Be sure your keiko gi is clean and neat.

Be sure your nails are cut and feet are clean.

Try not to eat one hour before class.

When in doubt ask an upper belt to assist.

Talking is to be kept to a minimum. 

Try to maintain a proper diet for your training needs.

Strength and flexibility tecniques should be practiced at home.

Proper care and attention when handling weapons.

LESSON #1  These are the first terms all students must know.


Try this:

Put on a tee shirt, jeans and running shoes.
Look in a mirror and think Samurai. How do you feel?
Now put on a suit and tie and think Samurai. Look in the mirror. Now how do you feel?

As members as the Tenshin Ryu for 20 years we were required to wear a jacket and tie to class.

How bad to you want to learn Budo? What will it take to learn these dynamic life changing experiences? ....just walk in the door.

Katana and Kenjutsu
   We use swords ranging from the 1400s  to the 1940s. We feel an obligation with antique blades to carry on in the spirit and history of the maker and the previous owners. It is also through the inherent danger that one learns Budo quickly.     
    However, we do not cut objects off of students nor do we slash at each other with sharp blades.This was not part of classical training. We do what is called "tameshigiri or test cutting" Here one cuts rolled up straw mats or bamboo in proper conditions.

Kyosei is a first level instructor. One requirement : 100 Shohatsuto kata and 1200 kirioroshi in succession.  This is a fundamental sword kata that is done in a few different schools. Kirioroshi is a downward cut from a raised katana above the head. 
 A Kyosei in some classical arts like kenjutsu, jujutsu and aikijutsu receive a certificate or teaching licence called a menjo instead of the modern dan ranking.This is about the level of a second degree karate black belt in the San Sai Ryu

Welcome to the Budokan or House of the Warriors

 Bu- War    Do -Way-     Kan-House

"house where they study the ways of war "

Our Style is San Sai or Three Elements
Dojo refers to : "Way Place" where we study our arts.

​For a structure to be called a Budokan at least two arts must be taught there.

The Delaware Budokan was built over a period of
eight months. It was started in 1995 and opened in Feb 96. It was built by the members themselves.

Red Flags!

Lots of trophies: This can be deceiving. Of course, being involved in this area for many years at high levels, I have seen some excellent tournaments, many outstanding competitors and can give some good insights to the benefits of  sport martial arts. My Sa Bum Nim of seventeen years, ninth dan Cha Soo Young was principle advisor to the 84 and 88 Olympic Committee. Several of our  members trained at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado and my students have won many awards. However, many great schools do not go to competitions as it is the least important aspect of the Martial Arts and for most seekers of our training. Many times awards are given to everyone just for entering the contest and competitors even pick out their own awards quite often. They are for profit events. Many are often inhouse or inter school trophies. They are also expensive events to enter and travel to. One famous tournament put on in Las Vegas annually by very prominent instructors stated in their flyers and promotions:"Create your Wildest Kata, Get on your Wildest Costume and show the World Real Martial Arts. Again, I can recall many fun times at touraments and can appreciate creativity, check out the Long Beach Invitationals...awesome!......but....wildest costume? This is absurd!!
     I saw one guy in a tournament get carried in on a throne and  dressed in leopard skins followed by an entourage of 30. They all sat together and would chant and distract the competitors.
A brawl ensued. I have seen Tae Kwon Do teachers at the highest level throwing chairs and fighting on the main floor on more then one occasion and more. 
     Look around to different schools/dojo that can help you find out what you can expect from each of the martial arts if you are not sure. Also take into account your personality. It should reflect in your approach weather you want an aggressive external arts like Karate or a more passive internal art like Kyudo or Tai Chi. Is it: self defence, health  improvements, confidence, weaponry, new friends, interesting people, tournaments, cultural  aspects etc you seek? You will be connected to your dojo for a long time. Be as sure as you can be. An informed consumer will become a happy student!

World Champions: Twenty year olds with 15 world tittles? His 22 year old teammate with 9? some other fighter in another article with 5 more tittles at the same time. How is this possible? I've seen it in books, magazines, catalogs and more. Many organizations, good and bad give these tittles. These guys are everywhere. These "World Champions" forget to say they are group "xyzs" champion, perhaps even twenty years has gone by since the tournament.Yet, some still claim and advertise they are World Champions .. not former or xyzs etc. Some organizations have as few as 4 or 5 members even. Many of these guys have tiny schools, are unknown, no magazine profiles, articles, movies, books or dvds. If you Google them...nothing. They are hardly "Champions of the Whole World" as they proudly proclaim.... This isVery Misleading 

No Certificates. 
  I speak regularly with many black belts from around the world wanting to join our ryu and other organizations I belong to. Many are claiming all type of ranks. Most high ranking ones have no senior knowledge of their art, certificates from their sensei, wont, or can't even give/remember their sensei's name. Ask for their credentials!! I want my doctors diploma on the wall to examine.
Ninety nine percent of legitimate teachers have their certificates to prove it. Ask them why they don't if they fail to present one. It's your money and you want value, quality and a long, positive relationship with your sensei and dojo.

Thirty year old Gradmasters who trained for 3 years and are now tenth dans in the system they invented. Run!

Ninja Grand Masters: This is the easiet way to take advantage of uneducated trusting consumers.
 Lets see: "I was in the army in Nam/Gulf War /Iraq and my sensei was so secret he never gave me his name or style." If  you do your home work there are some creditable teachers out there. None will open with that line and will present more acceptable lineage.

The most abused word in the Martial Arts today.
Unless you are born into a Japanese family or adopted by them, and the direct inheritor of the ryu......Forget it.

Music, Kick Ball, Games, Beer Cans.....Run!

For a complete Glossary of Terms and Articles go to LInks page=Kenjutsu International Association of Instructors

Martial Arts Manners

​ One of the most important elements of the Martial Arts is respect.The Martial Arts teach that you ​should respest other people as well as yourself. To that there is a code of Martial Arts manners that all students of the Martial Arts should follow.

 One great way to you can demonstrate good Martial Arts manners is by learning the proper way and times to bow. A bow is a sign of respect to your fellow students and teachers and shows that you are an all around polite person. Whe you bow before a match or sparring practise it tells your opponent that you respect him or her and in turn whish to be approched with respect.

 Another  way you you can practice your Martial Arts manners is to use the term Sensei with when speaking to your instructor​.

Sensei is Japanese for teacher and conveys to your instructor a degree of respect and admiration for his/her level of skill and accomplishment.

  A third way you can demonstrate your Martial Arts manners is by showing respect to to your fellow students. You can do this by waiting for others to speak before you begin,by never  meking fun of students that are different or less accomnplished than you and try being a  true friend to those about you.In other words treat others rthe way you want to be treated.​ ​


Martial Arts and Courage


* Courage is mostly the result of confidence. There is no substitute for the confidence you gain from working out and training in the  martial arts everyday.​

​* Be brave. You will never develop courage if you let fear enter your mind.​ Instead be bold and welcome challenge. Dont be afraid to make the crucial move.


* Never look for short cuts to success in the martial arts because you wont find them. Greatness in martial arts comes only through hard work and dedication to your goals. Worthwhile accomplishments in martial arts are difficult. It takes courage to to avoid what may seem like a short cut to success.​

* To be a good martial artist you must give 100% of the time.

* Welcome the crucial, do or die situatiuons. Only under pressure can you demonstrate courage. A true martial artist delivers when the pressure is on.

* Remain calm in adverse or hostile circumstances and your courage will grow. Trust your hard work, techniques, and training. Desire, courage and confidence will spur you to a level of achievement you didn't think possible.​​

Six Steps for successful Belt Exams.

​When you are striving for a Black Belt exam time can be a bit nerve racking, but with some simple steps you can prepare yourself for a successful exam.

​1 Basics and Combinations​: Make sure you have practiced all your kata. You should also rehears your combinations until can do them repeatedly with out missing a step .

​​2 Attitude: Have a winning attitude. Never underestimate the value of a positive attitude.

​3 Weapons Forms: Be sure they have been inspected for safety before you step on the floor. Take the time to perfect the ones you are unsure of.

​ 4​ Self-Defense Techniques: Again, during routine practice you should practice newer moves and make sure you understand them and doing them properly.

​ 5 Energy Level​: Make sure you are well rested and have had a high energy, healthy  snack (fruit bar, granola) before going to the dojo. Keeping your energy level high will ensure you perform at your highest potential.

​6​ Focus: Focus is extremely important. As all Martial Arts experts know, the body can not work alone. To maintain focus means keeping your mind sharp and concentrating on the task at hand.