San Sai Karate or Three Elements Style karate, is a synthesis of Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Indomitable Spirit, our system places emphasis on conditioning, sparring, self- defense techniques and kicking and punching drills. Kobudo or weapons training includes jo and bo staff, kamas and bokken.

 Scudieri Sensei holds a:

 5th Degree Black Belt in Karate from the AIKIA Organization and a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. 
He was also an AAU and United States Tae Kwon Do Union Coach and Official for 15 years.

Kenjutsu is considered the premier art of Japan. No where has the sword taken on such a position in a culture.The blade is folded thousands of times to get their special look and texture.Training begins with a wooden sword called a bokken, these are not used because they are safer,we just do not wish to damage an antique blade.

   Test cutting or tameshigiri on certain objects is also studied.
   The person who desires to study the "way of the sword" is not looking for self-defense, but for deep intense training to understand themselves and the way of traditional Budo or "the way of the warrior. "
   Swordsmen were also referred to as Heiho-jin or heihoka/strategists. Each style or system is far more then just a set of fencing waza(techniques). Many years have been devoted to the study of applications on several levels. If your waza did not work, your school would disappear. For a system to be a "ryu" you must have at least 2 generations.

Sensei holds the title Hanshi, Hachi Dan(8th) in Nihon Kenjutsu and Kyoshi 8th in Nihon Kobudo from the Zen Nihon Sogo Budo Renmi, Nippon Seibukan Dojo and a Renshi Menjo in IttoTenshin Ryu Kenjutsu. 
 Hanshi is Machi Bugyo and  Eastern North American Representative for Edo Machi-kata Taiho Jutsu; law enforcement methods and weaponry of the Samurai



"Kyudo or "way of the bow" is one of the most ancient martial arts in the Japanese warrior tradition.The aim of this discipline is not just to hit the target but to synchronize body and mind  through relating, precisely with bow, arrow, posture, breathing and form.

  This art is often reffered to as "Zen Archery" Not only do you improve your technical abilities but you maintain a certain type of dignity and polish the mind."

                  CLASS SCHEDULE

Kids Karate:  5:00--5:45 Tuesday and Thursday.

Adult Karate:  6:00--7:00 Monday thru Thursday

Kenjutsu: 7:00--9:00   Thursday 

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Kyoshi (8th dan) in Karate

Kyoshi 8th Menjo in NIhon Kenjutsu.

Kyosei Menjo in Itto Tenshin Ryu Kenjutsu

Celinda Ellsworth sensei holds a Yoriki Menjo in Edo Machi-kata Taiho Jutsu and is a highly skilled practitioner of Kyudo and is an instructor in Aikijutsu and Tai Chi

Scudieri Hanshi

Head Instructors

Celinda Ellsworth