The Sake Brewery and the Ancient Capital.

We can't believe he drank the whole thing!

We saw lots of gardens and rice paddies on every open space you could find.

The ancient city of Nara is home to largest Buddhist and Shinto temples in Japan.

This tree is known to be at least 1000 years old.

Boats hauled large barrels of Sake on the river

The gold fish on the roof are supposed to keep the place from catching fire.It burned down three times." Not very effective" laughed our guide This is the third and smallest incarnation and still the largest in Japan.

  For a ten dollar donation we got to purchase a roofing tile to write a message in it that will be used in a current partial roofing restoration.‚Äč It will be there for 500 years we were told by the monks....if no

The entrance gate from the temple front door