Drum tower of Nanzenji Temple, one time headquarters of the Shinsengumi or New Samurai Corps. 

To the right is the mon/logo of the Kondo family. Kondo was the Commander

Lighting incence for the 4 Shinsengumi who commited seppuku and 6 who were executed approx. this spot.

This is known as Sanjusangendo. It is one of the oldest and revered spots in Kyoto and is a National Treasure. The actual name is Rengeo-in.It was founded in 1164. It is the longest wooden structure in Japan at 390 feet..It hosts 1001 Budhest statues that are irreplaceable 

 A contest is held each year in the tradition called Toh-shiya. Archers would maintain a kneeling posture and try to hit a target at the end of the walkway.Wasa Daihachiro shot 8,133 successfully out of 13,053 arrows in 24 hours. Thats 1 arrow or "ya" every 9 seconds.
There is a section of the roof that has hundreds of ya stuck up in it.  To the left is the West wall where the contests were held since the 16th century.The East wall entrance in the above photo was built buy the famous warlord Hideyoshi.
Below..Doing a Shinto purification ritual Sanjusangendo.(33 Bays san-3)

Temple Bell 

He readies....He Draws.... To have swung my boken in the Butokuden and stood here where the great archers were..is something to experience...

Here is the Kyudo or archery dojo at the Butokuden

Tozando, our favorite store...beware...those are 65 to 100 thousand dollar swords.

Waking the God of Water...It worked.. it rained for 4 days.