Zen Nihon 20th Reunion in Kyoto 2011

Heianjingu Shrine...Temple of Peace

Butokuden..Hall of Martial Virtues

The Governor General of Kyoto (center) in brown traditional attire poses for a picture and the Mayor of Kyoto reads an address. We are on the far left end. 

 Team leader and head representitive for the US Roy Hobbs Sensei

Officers with the Japan Security Forces gave us a great demo and instruction on use of the rifle and bayonet.

Dojo Taiko

Hobbs Sensei recieves his 9th Degree Black Belt after an outstanding performance! Congratulations!!

Our home away from home. View from our hotel room.

Evil Spirits can not go through the Torii Gate. The color represents sunshine and happiness.

The view across the street. The farris wheel belongs to the Kyoto Zoo

Apple cutting

Dojo Taiko

Scudieri Sensei with Roy Hobbs Sensei 

Thank You: Walt-Bill-Kristin-and Celinda