Alfred and Benny " The Jet " Urquidez

Don "The Dragon" Wilson
Sifu Eric Lee and Shihan Dana Abbott 

Hanshi has studied and taught the Yang Style and Erle Montaigue system of Chinese Combat Tai Chi for 18 years.

 Celinda Ellsworth, Erle Montaigue, Phil Scudieri

Belgrade Serbia



​​​​"Kung Fu Fighting" with Warner Brothers recording artist

Root Boy Slim and  sax legend Ron Holloway at the "Psyche Delly"

                    Dennis Scudieri Sensei 1944-1990

                   photo courtesy of Jeff Green

Cruising the Shenandoa River Va.

Ikebana by Hanshi

     Hanshi has other long time passions:

 Drumming, Motorcycles and Old Firearms

Hanshi with fellow inductees to the 2011

          Masters Hall of Fame​

         Long Beach California​

​​Philip M Scudieri

Chief US Representative and Director of Kobudo for the All Japan Budo

Federation and Nippon Seibukan Dojo, Kyoto Japan